What is the arabic keyboard ?

what's arabic keyboard ?

The arabic keyboard is the keyboard used by people in North Africa and Middle East countries to type in Arabic language.In the contrary of the occidental keyboards ,arabic keyboards contain both arabic and latin characters because latin letters are used to type URLs and email addresses.The arabic language is written from right to left so if you are typing in arabic keyboard you are going to see characters showing up from right to left.

wikipedia arabic keyboard

The online arabic keyboard is an arabic transliteratin system that transforms your keyboard typed characters to arabic equivalents so you don’t have to use a physical keyboard with arabic keys if you need to write some arabic text.These kind of virtual keyboards are used in the arabic world espeially in north africa.in these countries peope usually use latin keyboards but they need to write arabic too so such virtual keyboards become popular between people most of time in a form of a website which offers a virtual keyboard where people type latins characters and get transliterted arabic text which they can then copy and paste.

People across the arabic world are using online and virtual arabic keyboards to type their text ,to search on search engines ,on youtube etc.. here is a list of the most popular online arabic keyboards used nowadays:

1) Arabic-keyboard.org

The http://www.arabic-keyboard.org website is one of the oldest and most used online arabic keyboard website .It is ranked as the first website in Google results for the arabic keyboard keywords.

Here is the screenshot of this website

arabic keyboard org

As you can see it has a simple interface with a virtual keyboard with arabic keys which arabic people or anyone interested in writing arabic language can use to type in Arabic letters either by using the mouse and clicking on the keyboard keys or by using english letters via the physical keyboard attached to a computer ,the website takes care of transliterating or converting the latin characters to a phonetically equivalent characters.

2) clavier-arab.org

The http://www.clavier-arab.org/arabic-keyboard/ is another popular online arabic keyboard website which has the second rank on Google results for the same keywords.

clavier arabe

As you can see you can also use this arabic keyboard tool in two ways .Either by using the mouse or your physical latin keyboard ,if you choose to use the second way letters will get transliterated automatically for you.

3) lexilogos-keyboard-arabic

The lexilogos arabic keyboard is the oldest one and has third rank on Google results for the same keywords.

lexilogos keyboard arabic

You can also use it in the same way as the two previous online arabic keyboards.

4) clavier-arab-pro.com

This is another popular online tool for typing arabic in latin characters.

clavier arabe pro

You can use this tool in two ways by using your mouse or your physical keyboard .You can use also to translate from arabic to many languages like English,French etc..

When to use arabic keyboard ?

You can use the arabic keyboard in many situations such as:

When you don’t have a real physical arabic keyboard .

You are a traveller and you visit countries where there are no arabic keyboards.

If you want more security when typing your sensitive data such as passwords .

In general virtual keyboards are used for ensuring security when you are online.Hackers use different techniques to steal your sensitive data such as passwords and other informations so if you even own an arabic keyboard but want more security when typing your data online you can use an arabic keyboard to type your arabic data.

How to use the arabic keyboard ?

So first of all,find a website with an online arabic keyboard .You can choose any website from many available websites either using the list i gave you above or you can just use Google to search for one ,Just type “arabic keyboard” !

How to find an arabic keyboard ?

After finding a good website . You have two ways to use the virtual keyboard .

1) Method one

Use your mouse to type the arabic characters on the virtual keyboard .

2) Method two

Use your physical keyboard to type in latin or English characters .Typed characters will get automatically transliterated to Arabic .

What is transliteration ?

Transliteration is simply converting one language alphabets to their phonetically equivalents characters

arabic alphabet

Online vs Desktop vs plugin Arabic keyboard

As we said before we can use the arabic keyboard via an online website which you can access easily using your browser by just typing the url of the website offering the keyboard but you can also use :

1)Arabic keyboard desktop app

This is a small desktop application available either on Windows or Linux which you can use to type in Arabic alphabets using latin characters.

You can use it either through your mouse or via your physical keyboard.After typing what you need to type just copy your typed text and paste it wherever you want.

You can also you this desktop application to type in Arabic and search automatically in Google.

arabic keyboard desktop

2)Arabic keyboard Browser extension or addon

You can also use the arabic keyboard in the form of an addon either for Chrome or Firefox