How to Use The Google Keyboard on Your Samsung Android Device

In this post i'm going to show you how to use the Google Android keyboard(Created by Android team) instead of Samsung keyboard on your android device.

This is your keyboard before replacing it.

samsung android keyboard

This is your keyboard after replacing it with official android keyboard.

google android keyboard

So go ahead and launch your Play Store on your android device. Next you need to search for the official android keyboad on the Play Store,just go to the search bar and enter "google keyboard". You'll get the link to the official keyboard on the first search result.

google keyboard play store

Next you just need to install like any normal app

install google keyboard play store

After installing the Google keyboard .Now go to the home screen of your android device and look for its icon .Tap it to launch the keyboard app.

Now you need to follow a one time configuration guide.Tap on "Get started".

 google keyboard get started play store

Next tap on enable in settings.

 google keyboard enable settings

Now you need to enable the second keyboard

 google keyboard settings

Don't worry about this attention message just tap on OK.

 google keyboard attention

Next tap switch input methods.

google keyboard switch input methods

Select English (US) Google keyboard.

google keyboard select

This all what you need to now just launch any app that uses the keyboard to see the keyboard you've just configured as your default keyboard for samsung android device.

google keyboard finish


In this post we have seen how to switch the samsung keyboard with the official Google Android device created by Android team.