How to add an arabic keyboard to MAC

If you need to write in Arabic language but you don’t have a physical keyboard with Arabic letters attached to your computer ,you can simply use a virtual Arabic keyboard by folowing a few and easy steps .

In this article ,i’m going to show the steps to display the virtual Arabic keyboard on your MAC system so lets get started .

You can also buy an Arabic keyboard from different online stores such as Amazon or eBay .

In this post i’m explaining how to display an Arabic keyboard on MAC 10.10 (Yosemite) but the steps can also applied to any previous version of MAC with minor changes .

How to add an Arabic keyboard ?

1 . First go to your system preferences .

2 . Next choose Keyboard (On the second row ).

3 . On the Keyboard window choose the Input sources tab .

4 . Look for Arabic language and click on add button .

You can also select “Show Input menu in the menu bar” to be able to switch between all added languages via the system menu bar .

So now we have seen how to add an Arabic keyboard on our system but since we don’t have a physical keyboard with Arabic characters attached to our system we need to use a virtual keyboard which can be done very easily with a few clicks of your mouse .

Displaying virtual Arabic keyboard on MAC