Welcome to the online Arabic keyboard

This is an online service which allows you to type in Arabic language .Just use your latin keyboard to type en English letters and our system will take care of transliterating the typed text in its equivant text in Arabic

PS : You can also use your mouse to type by clicking on the keys directly

The Arabic Keyboard (لوحة المفاتيح العربية) HowTo

What is the virtual online arabic keyboard ?

The arabic keyboard (لوحة المفاتيح العربية) is an online service which offers you a virtual keyboard (not a physical keyboard) to write in Arabic language in case you don't have a physical arabic keyboard attached with your computer .You have two options if you want to use this arabic keyboard : Type english characters or letters ,the virtual keyboard takes care of converting or transliterating the characters to their Arabic equivalents. Use the mouse to enter the characters directly via the keys appearing on the virtual keyboard on this site . Following any option you choose you need to copy the final typed text and paste it on the desired text box.

How to copy text in Arabic keyboard (لوحة المفاتيح العربية)

The arabic keyboard doesn't type characters for you you need to type them either via your latin/english physical keyboard or use the mouse and then select the typed text and copy it either via keyboard combination CTRL+A then CTRL+C and then paste with CTRL+V or use your mouse by clicking the right hand menu and choose copy of course after selecting the text then again on the target area click with your mouse,when the right menu appears choose paste command.

Some background information about the Arabic language

The arabic language is a right-to-left language used by people on the Middle East and North Africa ,it has an alphabet which contains 28 letters .The Arabic language alphabet is also used to type other non arabic language such as the persian and Urdu languages .

Here is an illustartion of 28 letters in the arabic alphabet :

Arabic keyboard alphabet

Reasons of why people are using online and virtual arabic keyboards

There are many reasons of why people are using online arabic virtual keyboards such as :

In arabic countries people use many languages alongside with the arabic language .In many countries English and French are used so latin keyboard are used instead of arabic keyboards but many people need to type in Arabic for example when they are not working,when chatting or social networking as examples so they need both an arabic and latin keyboards .So instead of using keyboards which support both latin and arabic you can use a software system or an online service to type in Arabic .

Also if you are travelling to another country and you are using a computer there ,in a cycbercafe for example ,and want to type in Arabic language then again you can use our online service.

How to use the Arabic keyboard with images

In this small tutorial i will show you how you can use this online Arabic Keyboard using screenshots so you can understand better how to use it for typing arabic letters in case you don't have a physical keyboard at hand .

First step of how to use the arabic keyboard

You need to visit the wbesite of an arabic keyboard service but since you are here reading this tutorial then you are already on website that offers the service ,so just skip this step and follow with the second step Arabic keyboard enter url When you visit our website you find many links
Arabic keyboard all available options
The first link is link that allows you to download the Desktop version of our arabic keyboard which you can use when you have no internet connexion.The Desktop is available for both operating systems Linux and Windows so if you need or prefer to use a Dektop application instead of the online service you can downlaod the application for Windows or Linux and start typing Arabic without having to visit this website all the time to just type some text in Arabic. You can use the second link to download a Chrome extension ,yes our virtual keyboard is available as a Chrome extension too so if you use Chrome browser you can use this extension instead of the online service. You can use the third link,to download a Firefox addon for our arabic keyboard .If you use Firefox then you are welcome to use our extension for free so you don't have to visit this online service whenever you want to type in Arabic letters. The last link takes to our blog in which you are going to find any useful articles and tutorials related to Arabic language tools That's all for the first step now head to the second step

Second step

In the second step you just need to start typing your text using your physical keyboard or just your mouse You can use the mouse to click on any key which will appear on the top text area
Arabic keyboard all keys
Here is the text area where your typed text will show up
Arabic keyboard empty
Now after typing your text ,your text will be ready in the text area
Now go to the last step

Third step

After typing the desired text ,copy and paste it where you want it to be
Arabic keyboard typing text
Again to copy the text you have typed you can use your keyboard shortcuts or the right menu when clicking the mouse.
You have also many options in your keyboad.Once you have typed the text you can call other actions on the text .
Arabic keyboard all actions
Copying the typed text.
Translating the typed text with Google Translate.
Searching on Google using your text

How deos an Arabic Keyboard work ?

A virtual arabic keyboard uses a transliteration system .Transliteration means converting one language alphabet letters to their equivalents in another language in our case we are converting the English or more precisly the latin alphabet letters or characters.The transliteartion is assured via a programming system in JavaScript which listens for physical keyboard typed characters and convert them on the fly to the target alphabet(in this case Arabic) and the show them to the user.

How to learn the Arabic language using our online keyboard

If you don't know arabic and want to learn it you can use our online service to start learning the basics of Arabic such as the alphabet.So how you can use this keyboard to learn the alphabet ? Just start typing the english letters and you can see on the fly their equivalents in Arabic.For example type
A B C you should get their equivalents which are ا ب ث

How to install the Firefox arabic keyboard addon/extension ?

If you don't want to use the online version of our virtual keyboard you can use the Firefox addon or the extension available for free from the Mozilla Addon store.
So if you are a FireFox user here is the procedure to follow in order to download and install the extension and start using to write in the Arabic language alphabet.
So the first thing to do go to the home of the addon on Mozilla
Next Just click on the add to firefox button
Virtual Arabic keyboard Firefox Addon
Now you need to confirm that you really want to install the addon by clicking on install
Install the Virtual Arabic keyboard Firefox Addon
Firefox will take care of the rest installing the addon for your .In the end you should get this success message which tells you that the addon has been installed successfully.
Install the Virtual Arabic keyboard Firefox Addon
That's all what you need to do to install the Arabic keyboad Firefox addon.
I really wish the addon can be helpful for you and please don't forget it to rate it on the Mozilla Addon Store
You can also watch this small video on Youtube which shows how to install the Arabic keyboard from Mozilla Addon Store.

How to add an arabic keyboard to MAC

If you need to write in Arabic language but you don’t have a physical keyboard with Arabic letters attached to your computer ,you can simply use a virtual Arabic keyboard by folowing a few and easy steps .

Using the arabic keyboard Opera extension

In this article we are going to show how to use the Opera extension to write in Arabic letters or characters

Using the arabic keyboard Microsoft Edge extension

Microsoft Edge is another popular browser on the web so we have made a version of our virtual keyboard as an Edge extension .In this tutorial we are going to see how to download and install the Edge extension and start using to write in Arabic letters.

Using the arabic keyboard Firefox extension

If you are a FireFox user and loves to use addons ,our online service is also available as FireFox addon or extension which you can download and install via the Mozilla Addon Store.In this article i’m going to show you how to get ready to use our Arabic keyboard in your FireFox browser.

Using the arabic keyboard Desktop app for Windows and Linux

In case you don't have a permanent connexion to Internet ,you can also use our Desktop application which offers you a virtual arabic keyboard so instead of using the online service you can use the offline Desktop app . In this tutorial i'll show you the necessary steps that you need to perform to download and install the Desktop application.so lets start .

Using the arabic keyboard Chrome extension

Our arabic keyboard is also available as a chrome extension which you can download and install then start using it to type in Arabic using the English/French alphabet.

How to use the arabic keyboard ?

In the previous post we talked about online arabic keyboards and when people use them.

How to Use The Google Keyboard on Your Samsung Android Device

In this post i'm going to show you how to use the Google Android keyboard(Created by Android team) instead of Samsung keyboard on your android device.

What is the arabic keyboard ?

The arabic keyboard is an arabic transliteratin system that transforms your keyboard typed characters to arabic equivalents so you don't have to use a physical keyboard with arabic keys if you need to write some arabic text.These kind of virtual keyboards are used in the arabic world ...

Arabic keyboard layouts

In this post we are going to see differents layouts used by arabic keyboards .

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